Streamline Sustainability/ESG Management
Manage your processes, information, performance and reporting
Quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively

Cogneum helps organisations manage their sustainability, governance and regulatory information and reporting workflows more efficiently.

This lets them track their non-financial performance, deliver more accurate and auditable reports and improve corporate governance.

Sustainability Suite Dashboard

Streamline Sustainability Management

Designed for corporates and asset managers, Sustainability Suite™ helps you define, track and report your sustainability impacts and risks, reducing financial and reputational risk, saving you time and money and improving compliance. It is a sustainability process management tool that helps you manage your sustainability workflows. Use cases include compliance, risk management, fund/portfolio reporting, performance improvement and stakeholder communication.

More transparency, Better reporting, Improved compliance, Lower risk

Manage your information, stay on top of your performance and simplify the reporting process. Stakeholder management, disclosure analysis, content tracking and report generation all in one easy-to-use cloud-based platform

Reliable platform to manage your sustainability workflows

Whether across business units and functions or funds and portfolio companies, Cogneum Sustainability Suite™ lets you create an integrated collaborative process for delivering sustainability performance that investors, customers and staff can get behind and support. Sustainability Suite™ typically pays for itself after as little as three months of operation.

Sustainability Suite

Delivering value from day one

Software helps reduce financial and reputational risk associated with Sustainability/ESG by supporting:

  • Define & Track – people, content and workflows
  • Audit Trail – records user activities
  • Link Evidence – to content and report sections, which simplifies assurance
  • Verifiable Stakeholder Engagement – demonstrate stakeholder impact on reporting process

Solve your biggest information, reporting and compliance headaches

  • Define your sustainability objectives and KPI’s
  • Control who can access the software and what they can do
  • View and organise all stakeholder interactions from one place
  • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders and contributors

Built to adapt to your needs

It adapts to your workflows. If your enterprise has processes and workflows for collecting sustainability information, we can adapt to them. If you do not, the platform can help you define and implement them. And as your requirements change, Sustainability Suite™ can change with you.

Secure and scalable

Sustainability Suite™ runs on the Microsoft Azure enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. It can be deployed across multiple business units with tens, hundreds or thousands of users. It can also run on premise for those organizations who prefer not to be cloud-based.

Efficiently manage sustainability workflows and mitigate risk

Sustainability Suite™, the software platform that helps you manage your sustainability workflows - from defining objectives and metrics through to tracking information from contributors and report progress and, finally, creating communications and reports that can be tailored to specific internal and external stakeholder groups. Minimise effort and cost, maximise compliance and risk mitigation.

Sustainability Suite™

Define, track and report your sustainability impacts and risks while mitigating financial and reputational risk and reducing associated operating costs.


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