Product Features

Information Management - Stakeholder Management -
Content Tracking - Report Generation - Multi-Standard

Powerful tools to define, manage and track sustainability information and to produce your sustainability reports

Key Benefits

Reporting Process

Manage your Sustainability information,
Simplify the Report Creation Process

Define the information that needs to be collected, define the structure required for the report, collect the required information, analyse the information to verify it is robust

Create Sustainability Reports
Faster and at Lower Cost

Leverage your Sustainability Information like never before: Know exactly what you know and don't know. Produce a variety of reports with your content including framework-compliant reports (GRI, SDG). Create custom reports for different audiences as well as new versions of existing reports.


Keep Track of Your Stakeholders

Record details of suppliers, clients, internal and external staff. Record meetings, agendas and decisions taken all in one place and make your stakeholder management assurance a formality.

A Focal Point for All Your Sustainability Content

All aspects of your sustainability programme are in one cloud-based platform. Materiality, tracking, content, references and stakeholders can be accessed at the click of a button.

Compliance & Corporate Responsibility

Achieve compliance with the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive as well as fulfilling your obligations of Corporate Responsibility using GRI and SDG frameworks.

Jump-Start Your Sustainability Report

Never stare at a blank page again. Reuse your old reports to kick-start the new year and only change what needs to be changed. All disclosures, content, references, stakeholders are carried over to the new year.

Leverage Your Work

The custom report creation facility allows your organization to extract specific sections from your report to use in sales & marketing and board reports - to name just two. Simply click on the sections you would like and generate a brand new report.

Separation of Content and Report Structure

The report structure as well as the content order are customisable. Track by topic or disclosure and assign them to specific report sections for a completely flexible and customisable process.

Generate your Word/Google-compatible Document in Seconds

Generate an OpenXml standard document at any stage of the process in seconds at the touch of a button.

GRI-Compatible Content Index

GRI Content Index can be generated for every document to highlight submitted disclosures 

Primary Features


The Dashboard allows the Report Manager to see how the content production is proceeding. Part of the difficulty of producing a Sustainability Report is that the whole organisation gets involved. The dashboard shows you how close you are to being able to generate a full Sustainability Report.

Disclosure Analysis and Tracking

The process of understanding Materiality is complex and can often change in the early stages of content production. Once Materiality has been established, requests for content can be sent out to the rest of the organisation. Even if you're not sure whether a particular person is the RIGHT person. assigning a requirement will elicit a response.

Content Management

Manage all the content required for the report in one place. Separate disclosure content from report content and verify that all your disclosures not only have content, but that they have been added to the final report.  

See at a glance what's missing, completed or has been added to the report. 

Integrated GRI Standards

The latest GRI standards are completely integrated and accessible from all areas where this information may be useful. All guidance is at your fingertips and integrated into the platform.


Want to add a disclosure not in the standards? No probem. You can add all disclosure information manually for your whole organization to view and report on.

Customize all aspects of the suite. to suit your terminology and company culture.

Cloud, but Not Tenanted

All the advantages of the Azure cloud without the security downsides of a tenanted (shared) platform. Each client receives their own private environment and their own database.

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